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Blogging in Zambia: why? 28 reasons

Reasons for blogging vary from one person to another. I will discuss some of the reasons for blogging in Zambia. From the Zambian point of view, there are several reasons for blogging. Here are some of the reasons for blogging in Zambia:

1.There are few bloggers in Zambia

Some of the reasons for blogging in Zambia are obvious. Truly, there are few bloggers in Zambia. There is need for more people to take blogging. This is important in closing the knowledge gap that is in existence at the moment. We have lagged behind in technological advancements. It has become a trend in the world today for smart people to make money online which is not happening in Zambia.

2 . Increase your chances of becoming a seasoned author

One of the reasons for blogging in Zambia is that blogging improves the art of writing. Writing is the most important skill in this day and age. It can be improved by writing blog posts. So you will surely increase your chances of becoming a book writer if it’s your dream.

3 . You cultivate the quality of resilience

There are ups and downs in blogging. Truly, it’s difficult to be successful in blogging the first time you start. Some of the challenges might make you begin to think of quitting. So to be successful, you need to cultivate the virtue of resilience, a quality which is very valuable. Hey, am not trying to scare you! There are people who succeeded the first time they started a blog.So you can make it too the first time you start with guidance.

4 . Blog to inspire others

Some find it difficult to start something. They might have what it takes to get what they want. However, they may not have the courage to undertake it. But when they see that others are able to do it. They develop courage. So what you blog or talk about might inspire others to do something that might change their lives for the better.

5 . You can learn some basic web development skills

From personal experience, blogging can help one  acquire some web development skills. When I just started, I had no knowledge about web development. However, after some months of hard work, I began to learn some basics. Currently, am able to develop a website using elementor free page builder. The website you are seeing was developed by me. I developed it according to my taste.

6 . It will be easier for you to sell your products

Blogging offers you a great platform to advertise and sell your products. These  products can be digital products such as music or eBooks. You can also sell physical products such as T-SHIRTS. These are just some of the examples of products that your blog can help you to advertise or sell. Therefore, there are countless business opportunities online.

7 . You make international friends

Remember, a blog is accessible by people all over the world. Your interaction with the people from all walks of life will help you find people who share your outlook on life. Hence, you have higher chances of befriending people from all over the world. Certain friendships can change your life for the better. Remember, there is power in friendship.

8 . Add to the knowledge base

You might be knowledgeable in a certain field, but don’t have a platform to share the knowledge. Blogging will accord you a platform to share your knowledge, personal experiences and skills with others and give you a chance to add to the existing knowledge in your field. This is helpful as it might solve someone’s problems. Therefore, don’t hesitate to start a blog.

9 . Make an extra income.

Maybe you are an employee whose income is low. You might be wondering how to make an extra income. Blogging is the way to go. Blogging can help you generate extra income. Thus, just dedicate a reasonable amount of time and you will reap something from your hard work. This, therefore, means that you can decide to be a part-time blogger especially if you have a full time job. You will be able to achieve your goals as long as you put in your best. You will make extra income and be able to improve your standard of living.

10 . Share your talent or hobby

As ealier indicated, reasons for blogging in Zambia are many. A blog gives you a platform to show the entire world what you are talented to do. Share with the rest of the world what you enjoy doing. If you want to share with the world a hobby, blogging will help you to realize that by giving you a platform that is global in reach. So show the world your talent or hobby. Start a blog.

11 . Blogging will enhance your creativity

Blogging fosters creativity. Coming up with great content that drives tons of traffic calls for creativity. It requires figuring out what content people need, who needs the content and also why they need it. Of course, research tools can be used to establish these great content determiners. However, an element of creativity is needed to realize great content that drives traffic.

12 . Blogging is a job that is flexible

Blogging can permit you to work from anywhere. You can work from your home or any other place of your choice. So it’s up to you to decide where you operate from. Traveling can’t hinder you. Whether you are at home or away, blogging can be done as usual.

13 . Blogging will improve your communication skills

In blogging, the idea is to communicate a message across. To be heard, a message must be well organized. For this reason, this practicing culminates into great experience. After years of consistent blogging, your skills of writing will improve better by the day. Thus you will no doubt become a skilled content writer. 

14 . Work with people you like

Believe it or not. Blogging enables you to enjoy working with people you like being with. This point can be appreciated by people who are have once worked as government or company employees. It hurts to be surrounded or work with people that we don’t like. Blogging will make it easier for you to work with people you like being with. Experience will help you understand the point.

15 . Blog for funny

Some people engage in a number of things just for the sheer thrill of funny. Indeed, people blog for various reasons.Some blog to earn an income while others blog for funny. So you can also blog just for funny. Well, some reasons for blogging are not inspiring. But you can start a blog just for the sheer thrill of blogging.

16 . Blog to stay in contact with relatives and friends

Blogging can be used as a means for communicating with your loved ones. A lot of messages can be communicated through blogging. The communication helps you to remain in contact with your relatives and friends.

17 . Blog to cultivate a spirit of goal setting

Planning is very important in running a blog. Before something is done, a plan needs to be drawn. You need to set out goals for yourself and draw up a plan of how it can be achieved. Then implement the action plan.

18 . Blog to have a constructive mind

People say, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Keeping oneself busy is important in trying to avoid evil thoughts. So if you want to avoid faulty thinking that is avoidable, involve yourself in doing beneficial things. This way your life will become productive.

19 . Blog for fame

People become famous for so many reasons. Some become famous for doing good things while others become famous for doing bad things. You can become famous as a blogging.

20 . Become Expert

When you devote a lot of time to something. You do a particular thing for a long time, you will broaden your knowledge. Thus blogging about a particular thing for a long time will make you become an expert in such a field.

21 . Create job opportunities

In this day and age, employers are looking for competent employees. They are interested in seeing what you are capable of doing. The work you are able to accomplish will give them a picture of your potential. For this reason, blogging is likely to increase your chances of job opportunities. Your blog will market you.

22 . Quick feedback

In communication, feedback is important. When you communicate, feedback is needed quickly whether you do it for business or otherwise. Hence, blogging will make it easier for you to communicate and get feedback quickly. 

23 . Blogging keeps people up to date.

We live in a dynamic world. Almost everything changes in the world every day. So people need to be informed about the changes. Therefore, if you are knowledgeable in a particular field, you can take advantage of your blog to keep people updated about the modern trends in the world.

24 . Blogging reduces depression

Depression is claiming lives of people in tens of thousands of locations globally. Finding something to do can reduce the chances of depression. One way you can try to keep yourself busy is by finding a niche that you are passionate about and start blogging about it.

25 . Blog to measure your ability

Have you ever wondered what you are capable of doing? There are several ways you can measure your ability to determine what you are capable of doing. One way you can realize that is by blogging. See how people will appreciate what you are able to accomplish.

26 . It’s free

There are countless websites that offer free blogging platforms. Some of these websites include, blogger and tambir. So you can create a blog at no cost. Great reasons for blogging in Zambia indeed!

27 . Blog to pursue your passion

All of us, we have things that we enjoy doing. Most of the employees do work that they don’t like or enjoy doing. They do it out of duty. It is because they have a duty to provide for their families. However, in blogging you will enjoy the joy that comes from doing what you enjoy most in your life.

28 . Blog to cultivate a culture of collaboration

Collaboration is an important virtue or quality. All successful people collaborate. For blogging to succeed, you need to collaborate. Through collaboration, you will cultivate the virtue of collaboration which is an important ingredient in succeeding.

So you have every reason to start a blog. Of course, there are other reasons for blogging in Zambia. If you want to start a blog, don’t hesitate. All smart people have resorted to working online. Start right away.

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